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Camera Fujinon SX1600, FUJIFILM, ZOOM 40X

Camera Fujinon SX1600, FUJIFILM, ZOOM 40X

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The SX1600 is a long-range camera featuring a 40x-zoom FUJINON lens that covers a focal length range from the wide-angle 40mm to the world’s longest*1 1600mm telephoto. It is equipped with newly-developed image stabilization system as well as fast and accurate AF to capture a distant subject clearly and instantaneously. It can be used for wide range of applications, including international border controls, port surveillance, and remote inspection of infrastructure facilities.


The new SX1600 is a lens-integrated long-range camera that supports the 1/1.8-inch effective image size*2, and boasts double the focal lengths range of SX800, covering the wide angle 40mm to the world’s longest 1600mm telephoto. The use of the newly-developed sensor control technology enables to expand the effective image size and extend the focal length to the equivalent of 20mm*3. Up to 2x digital zoom can be applied to reach the focal length equivalent to 3200mm. This means the camera offers a 160x zoom covering 20mm to 3200mm in focal lengths, capable of capturing the vehicle registration plate*4 on a car at about 2.5km away or even a person standing approx. 3.5km away.

The SX1600 is equipped with a newly-developed image stabilization system that enables cooperative control of optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS) to accurately correct image shakes. Equipped with high-precision, high-speed AF to attain focus as fast as 0.1 seconds and the excellent heat haze/fog reduction function, SX1600 is able to capture the target subject instantaneously and record it with incredible clarity. The camera’s far-reaching applications include surveillance of international borders, forests and large-scale public facilities such as airports, ports and highways, safety control of large-scale construction sites involving work at a high place, and remote inspections of infrastructure facilities such as wind turbines and transmission cables.




(1) Equipped with an ultra-telephoto zoom lens that offers the optical 40x zoom and the world’s longest 1600mm telephoto
  • This is a lens-integrated long-range camera that supports the effective image size of 1/1.8 inches. It carries an ultra-telephoto zoom lens that gives 40x optical zoom and covers the focal length range of the wide-angle 40mm to the world’s longest 1600mm telephoto.
  • The newly-developed sensor control technology expands the effective image size from 1/1.8 inches to 1.1 inches, achieving the focal length equivalent to 20mm. When combined with the up to 2x digital zoom, the camera can shoot at the focal length equivalent to 3200mm and achieves a 160x zoom system covering the focal length equivalent to 20mm to 3200mm.
  • At the effective image size of 1.1 inches, full-HD video is generated from data volume equivalent to 4K, ensuring a high-quality and clear finish.



(2) Newly-developed high-performance image stabilization system for advanced vibration control
  • The SX1600 is equipped with a newly-developed image stabilization system that enables cooperative control of optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS). The angle of correction*5 has been expanded by up to 1.5 times compared to the SX800 so that the camera can be used with peace of mind even for long-range shooting where large shakes are likely to occur due to platform vibrations and winds.
  • The image stabilization mechanism adopts Fujifilm’s unique “ceramic ball roller system”, minimizing friction resistance during image stabilization to deliver advanced response and excellent durability. A high-performance gyro-sensor is used to detect minute vibrations without a time lag for accurate compensation.

    *5 Angle of shakes that can be compensated.


(3) Fast and accurate autofocus capable of attaining focus on a subject in just 0.1 second
  • The camera uses the Rear Focus AF mechanism, which drives a rear group of small-diameter lens elements at high speed, to reduce the weight of focusing group substantially. The on-sensor phase detection AF, which uses phase detection pixels on the CMOS sensor to measure the distance to the subject based on the deviation of incident light and focuses quickly, is combined with contrast AF, which detects areas of strong image contrast for accurate focusing, to achieve autofocusing as fast as 0.1 second.
  • The AF area has been divided into 45 sections, an increase from the previous 9 sections, making it easy for users to select an AF area according to the subject’s size and location.
(4) Heat haze / fog reduction function for added clarity
  • The SX1600 features excellent heat haze / fog reduction function. The combination of the latest compensation algorithm and the image processing engine capable of high-speed computation detects heat haze in an image, which is difficult to distinguish from other moving objects, and compensate in real time without having to use an external device for added clarity. Incorporating an optical filter and image processing technology results in clear images even in the presence of visibility-reducing fog and heat haze.
  • The lens is applied with multi-layer coating which supports a wide range of wavelengths from visible lights to near infrared rays. This has boosted light transmittance to the ultimate level to effectively control lens flair and ghosting.
  • The use of high-performance image sensor and cutting-edge image processing technology achieves clear images with minimal noise even in low light conditions with high sensitivity settings.
(5) Significant reduction in installation procedures
  • The lens and camera are developed as an integrated unit, and the design and assembly are carried out to maximize the performance of each. This has eliminated the need for the conventionally-required steps of adjusting optical axis and flange focal length, thereby simplifying installation procedures substantially.
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